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I love to see creativety!

Tarp surfer 2

Folks, there’s nothing more fun that watching a crew of people having fun and being creative AND pulling it off. Take this video for example. A little bit of imagination and these guys are surfing huge barrels. It makes me wanna have a go. Ha ha They could be onto some new thrill ride of […]

Bodysurfing with Keith Malloy.

Perfect dreamy conditions at Pupukea

As many of you know, I’ve been spending a fair bit of time, swimming on the Pupukea sandbars lately and photographing the amazing conditions. I was out there yesterday and met up my old buddy Keith Malloy, who was out enjoying the perfect bodysurfing conditions. Keith of course is a great surfer who not long […]

Early Gold

Early Gold on the north shore

Another of my portraits, this one more of an environmental portrait in the truest sense really. My friend James Romero, out for an early surf with the rising sun, last year at Monster Mush, in the middle of summer. I just like the cruisy relaxed vibe that this picture gives off. Sean

Incredible water moment

Unscheduled Landing on the north shore.

This is an interesting moment from last week’s dream sand bar days. There was this one surfer duck-divingthrough this wave. I don’t know what happened to them, but this is a pretty cool Hawaiian surf moment…. Sean

and yet, some more cool video from the river surfing, yesterday


I grabbed a few more clips and threw ‘em together on iMovie. Nothing too fancy, but its entertaining… Sean

great bodysurfing conditions at Off The Wall this morning

Kevin Murphy at Off The wall this morning (12.02.09)

Off The Wall this morning was such perfect surf for bodysurfing. So clean and green out there. This one guy; Kevin Murphy scored a sick barrel right in front of me. He’s stoked on the photo….

Every which way but up


A ton of crew have descended on the north shore during the last week and there were so many faces out there today that I didn’t recognise. This was one of them and he wasn’t holding back. Sean

Perfect conditions here on the north shore

Late surf at Rockies

We are even expecting a big swell in another day or two.