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A swirling color palette of greens, aquas, golds and blues

This one frame managed to capture a really swirling effect on an amazing color pallette of greens, aquas, yellows, golds, and blues, which created an image quite unlike any of my others.

The Flynnstone Flip finally captured

I first photographed Flynn Novak doing his signature maneuver The Flynnstone Flip way back in 2004 and despite him not quite riding out of the flip, Tracks magazine was stoked to run it as a double page spread. I finally broke that curse a couple of days ago and captured a full flip and he […]

September reveals beautiful moments from the sea

September is traditionally a quiet month. It’s right on the very end of the summer doldrums and sitting right in the pathway of the first big winter storms that bounce off Japan, and usually drop down on top of Hawaii. It hasn’t really happened just yet this year except for a couple of very short-lived […]

A very cool moment from 18 years ago.

It was my second season of then traveling to the Hawaiian islands from Australia to photograph the north shore for the magazines that I was shooting for at the time. Back then, those magazines were Australian Surfing Life, Surfaholic, Surfing and Trip Surf. It was before the fisheye became a normal lens in the water. […]

It’s well out of season, but the north pumps anyway.

We’ve had a very unseasonal series of swell pulses here on the north shore over the past couple of weeks. This past week alone saw waves in the 2-5 foot range almost all week long although there has been a lot of backwash to contend with, due to the build up of sand on the […]

It’s been lively round here

It really has been such a poor season overall for good surf that it was a rather pleasant surprise to see some reasonably big surf here over the past couple of days. There was a relatively small number crew out and amongst large conditions all along the north shore, 2 nights ago. The swell rose […]

Hawaiian sunsets lately have been incredible

Folks, the unstable weather lately here in the islands has made for some incredible Hawaiian sunsets. Check these out from just the past few days…

The Mechanics of Sunset

Folks, I just worked on a new pictorial with Surfline, about Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. About 20 of the images are my photos. Well worth a quick look…..

The long wait

It is now November the 18th which is well and truly inside of the normal window for big surf in Hawaii. Typically at this time of the year, you’d be looking at 10 feet plus of raw ocean swell, but this year, it has struggled so far to get beyond a couple of feet. The […]

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There’s nothing like a roll around the shore-break, to start the day out

…my favourite thing has always been to capture the sun coming up while in the surf, itself.

Inside my studio

One of my pictures of Keoni in the tube.

I’m always looking to get the very best quality out of any given shooting situation.

Cleanest conditions ever here on the north shore

The waves were just the most incredible shade of bright aqua under a deep blue virtually cloudless sky

Hawaii loses one of it’s best big wave surfers

Sion surfed what some were calling the best days of their lives yesterday. He’d been out all day. It was late and he was looking to “catch that last wave in”.

A few wild rides at the bay yesterday

With all the recent news of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and meltdowns, I completely overlooked the weather forecasts and so was caught by surprise by yesterday’s big waves.

A short beach themed slide show

Folks, this is a little slide show that I put together quite some time ago with a loosely based beach theme. There’s lot’s of cool clear waves and big wave surfers. There’s all manner of beach photographs, featuring surfers, wipeout pics and easy going surf lifestyles. There’s swim pictures, some amazing nature images of Hawaiian […]

Blue Hawaii this morning

I swam from sunrise this morning across the sand-bars between Pipeline and Rocky Point. It was spectacular, to say the least. In every direction that I looked, there were perfect waves, many of them completely unchallenged. I love these kind of mornings. They really bring home how special the ocean is in our lives.

As perfect as Pipe gets

Derek Ho's awesome Barrel on Jan 21st 2011

I’ve been photographing the north shore for almost 20 years and although there are a lot of really great Pipe surfers, some absolutely stand out on their own. One such surfer is 1993 world surfing champion; Derek Ho. I usually only see him

Pipe Carnage!


Folks, the waves were going off at Pipeline two afternoons ago, however there were a lot of wipeouts going down, with the Pipeline doing all kinds of unexpected things. I was so impressed by the wipeout action, I decided to move over to film mode and see what I could come up with. I wasn’t […]

Big Gnarly Pipe Barrel Surfing

Surfing at Backdoor, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii

Pipeline today was much the same as yesterday, except a little smaller and not quite as many wipeouts. I love to photograph the surfers, using unconventional techniques. Take todays images, I shot them using very slow shutter speeds. Enjoy…

The almost Eddie

Team wave at Waimea Bay, 01.20.11

The rumor mill worked over time this year with the big wave episode of the past 24 hours. Peeps were calling The Eddie, a week back and certainly the weather system stayed true to the forecast till the very last day when it started to show signs that maybe, it wasn’t going to quite meet […]

Wave of the day; Off The Wall – This morning

"Aqua Surge" - this morning at Off The Wall

It’s very, very quiet on the north shore this morning. It really is like the whole pro tour packed up and left overnight, along with the waves. Well there, were a few random waves about, but with a high tide running, they were pretty much right on the beach. This one I captured at Off […]

Some watery gems from this morning, on the north shore

The north shore has once again returned to a sleepy hamlet this morning, much like how it is in the middle of summer, however I’m sure that it will short-lived. Word was that quite a few big parties were happening at all the surf team houses last night. They were probably all sleeping it off […]