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Beautiful conditions finally return to the north shore

Pancho Sullivan flaring at Pupukea Sandbar, this morning.

It’s been like 2 weeks of bad weather here on the north shore, so it was soooooo good to see the sunny conditions return to the north shore and with no winds. I went for a bit of a swim at Pupukea sandbar this morning with Pancho Sullivan, Carissa Moore and Myles Padaca. I guess, […]

Bodysurfing with Keith Malloy.

Perfect dreamy conditions at Pupukea

As many of you know, I’ve been spending a fair bit of time, swimming on the Pupukea sandbars lately and photographing the amazing conditions. I was out there yesterday and met up my old buddy Keith Malloy, who was out enjoying the perfect bodysurfing conditions. Keith of course is a great surfer who not long […]

Early Gold

Early Gold on the north shore

Another of my portraits, this one more of an environmental portrait in the truest sense really. My friend James Romero, out for an early surf with the rising sun, last year at Monster Mush, in the middle of summer. I just like the cruisy relaxed vibe that this picture gives off. Sean

News feature of Davey Photography just ran a short story about my photography on their main website. Check it out, the piece compiled by Helen Parker is entitled; Mad Men

Torquoise water fun with the Go pro HD

Amazingly both of my pro cameras are on the blink and hence, are on their way to the Canon repair shop at the mo’, so I’ve been enjoying, filming the sandbars with the new Go Pro HD cam. I shot some hand held footage of random surfers and waves, but then, I was able to […]

New folio in Parafina Magazine

Hi all, I just found out about a folio that I had appear in the last issue of Parafina magazine in Brazil just ran a portfolio of my surf photography. Now, as we have watched traditional publishing fade away, it is slowly being replaced with on line magazines which have a lot of features that […]

Amazing Visual of the day

Have you ever wondered when you look and see all those surfers sitting there on the surface of the water; “what’s it look like under the water?” Well, this is a view of the reef at Pipeline with the surfers all sitting just feet above the reef. Based on it’s history, this is the most […]

photo-art of the day; “Single Fin Surfer”

This is a photo of my friend James Arthur Smith just after a late afternoon surf at Rockies Rockies. This photo’s cool. Aloha Sean

12 of the best classic surf portraits

I’m quite into my portraits at the moment. Thanks to a request from one of my magazine clients, I’ve picked back up on my quest for portrait excellence. I used to be really into my portraits portraits many years back, but after a recent portrait session here on the north shore, I’m all stoked on […]

Good times on the north shore

Wow, it’s been so spectacularly beautiful here on the north shore. Such beautiful glassy conditions with pretty consistent 3-5 foot waves. The amazing thing this year is the complete absence so far of traveling surfers. Just a handful of local surfers at any given spot. This must be about as close to the old days […]

The family that surfs together

What was the old saying; “the family that eats together, stays together”. Up here on the north shore, we have a few surf Dynasty’s happening, but none more noticable right now that the Ho family. I featured former world champ; Derek Ho just a couple of weeks ago here, ruling Pipe with his smooth deep […]

The North Shore in Black and White – exhibition print sales

“I want to see more of my pictures in your hands”..

Perfect conditions here on the north shore

We are even expecting a big swell in another day or two.