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Classic big wave moment: Randy lane at Outside Avalanche

This was back in 1999 and I was up in a helicopter, randomly photographing tow surfing. Nothing organised as such. I was checking out these guys at Outside Avalanche when this one guy on an old school stand-up jetski caught a Huge wave and just got real close to the

Tasmania pictorial on Surfline

Hey everyone. The fella’s at asked me yesterday for some photos of my homeland of Tasmania. Always one to fly the flag for “Tassy”, I was more than happy to oblige. I like to inspire people to get out there and find some gems of their own, so that’s why some of these are […]

Classic Surf moment: Martin Potter – Sydney

This is a flashback to a classic day at Sydney’s Whale Beach in 1996. Martin Potter scoring his favourite Sydney beach at it’s best.

Another pictorial from last year’s King island mission

this just in; the highly successful shoot from last year on King Island in Australia, just yielded another pictorial, this one in the Brazilian magazine Alma Surf. Check it out…

Critter Tees for Kids now at the Tee shop

I was looking through my images the other day and happened to be looking at a bunch of creature shots. It occurred to me how much kids dig animals and funny faces and stuff, so I created the “Critter Tee’s for Kids” collection. Of course though, if any of you big kids out there dig […]

Pipeline shines

As anyone will testify to round here at the moment, it’s been a very ordinary Jan and Feb for surf in hawaii. You can count the number of good Pipe days on one hand. Finally, we got some good Pipe yesterday, but the Bodyboarders had their event on, so I waited till 4.00pm when they […]

It’s Lane’s birthday

I thought I’d take an opportunity to introduce you all to my wife Lane. As many of you who know the north shore are familar with, Lane is the chick in the pink helmet who’s out at Pipe every morning. If it’s breaking, she’s down there every day at the crack o’ dawn. She’s dedicated […]

Flashback to 1994 and a young Kelly

It was my 2nd season on the north shore, the 94-95 season, and Kelly was dominating the Pipemasters for the second of what has now become 6 victories there. Pretty much round this time, he was untouchable out at Pipe, just doing stuff that crew hadn’t even seen there before. I think this was right […]

Classic surf moment

“Kieren Perrow has just taken off on a monster, only to have the lip curl in after him and hunt him down, like it was alive.”

New Release: Vintage Style surf T’s and gifts

I’ve had a lot of people ask me over the years if they could buy T’s from me with my pictures, so I looked into it and it seemed kind of hard ask because of the excessive shipping charges from Hawaii, but then I looked into it a bit further and discovered cafe press. I’m […]

Classic surf moment; Todos 98

A moment from the Reef contest at Todos Santos Island (Mexico) in Feb 1998. This is the same contest that Taylor Knox earned $50K for his paddle in wave. I’ll bring you up to speed on this moment here; They had already run one day of competition so far without the Aussie and Hawaiian teams […]

Good surf on the north shore

This morning at Pipe was pretty busy due to a large number of crew, out to get their fair share of the spoils on offer. Pipe was kinda doing it’s thing in that, every so many waves, there’d be a pretty decent one come through. There was a large film crew down there filming quite […]

Local surfer – local hero

My good buddy, Emmett Nothnaggle played a pivotal role in saving a swimmer’s life at Keiki beach a few days ago. Emmett lives right there at Keiki and is very much at home, swimming in the thumping waves that pound the beach there. These are a few shots of Emmett here… This is the story […]

new “STOKED” calendar for 2010

Hi all, I just received a preview of my 2010 calendar called “Stoked” by Pomegranate press. This is a large calendar at 12 x 13 inches in size, it’s a very high quality calendar like the premium ones that you in the store. If you’d like to pre-order this calendar from me, send an email […]

Classic Surf Moment; Ace Cool Outer Reef Tow In’s

Flashback to around 2000, Tow Surfing still relatively in it’s infancy years. Alec Cooke, also known as “Ace Cool” has been credited for riding the biggest wave ever, at least if you believe the postcards that he freely hands out. Ace is no stranger to big wave exploits. Tow surfing just fueled his passion for […]

Return to good conditions

Well, it’s really trying to make a return to beautiful weather here on the north shore. Super sunny this morning and plenty of swell around, just a little harder to find anywhere that’s really making good use of the swell. I ended up taking a stab at shooting Sunset, but really I needn’t have bothered. […]