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“Blue Crash”

The Surf Bus

The north shore is no stranger to tour bus’s. We see ’em all the time, but it’s not every day that you see one like this. This is the surf bus. Some friends of ours are running tours to see the surf beaches. They used a bunch of my photos to make their bus look […]

One in a million moment

It was October the 13th in 2004 and I had just rocked up to the beach to see if I could get some decent surf shots against the setting sun at at Rocky point. There I was on the beach looking at this full on solar eclipse and then I noticed Flynn Novak out there […]

The Pipeline book by Surfline

Surfline recently published a large coffee table book, simply called “The Pipeline”. It’s an amazing 200 page package that covers everything Pipeline, ranging from the old days right through just about every major moment, ever captured there. The place has a much more colorful past than most surf destinations and it thoroughly is deserving of […]

The 10 gnarliest wave locations that I’ve seen

Following on with the theme of my last post, I’m going to now show you pictures of the 10 gnarliest surf locations that I’ve have photographed at. There’s way more out there, but these are the 10 gnarliest spots that I’ve shot at. Teahupoo in Tahiti needs no introduction. The poynesian super slab that has […]

The 10 best world champion surfers of all time

I was talking with a friend about the ten best surfers on the planet and I was thinking how impossible, it felt to pick just 10 as it’s not really set in stone. There’s so many factors that governs one choices. At least with actual world champions, it is set in stone, so it was […]

Davey’s wavey gravey train

I’ve been working really hard lately to get my site more up to date. More to the point, I’ve been adding more galleries. The latest to come on line, are my waves. I went through a collection of near 1,000 images from a 20 year time span, and culled it down to just under 300 […]

Kelly Slater’s new book; For The Love

I finally received my copy of Kelly’s new book: “For The Love” from the publisher; Phil Jarrett, a couple of days ago. I was pleased to see that my pictures netted 15 pages in the book. Not too shabby. I’m quite honored really to have so much of my work appear in such a good […]

Locals day on Hobart’s amazing pointbreaks, in Tasmania

Being a Tasmanian myself, I like to head back there around Autumn time each year as it is one of my absolute favourite places to shoot photos. On my 2006 trip with Mark Healey, Jamie Sterling and the Long bro’s, we scored the extremely elusive Hobart point-breaks on what many were calling the best point-break […]

4th of July at a leisurely north shore pace

Hi all this is actually now the 5th of July, but I thought I would post something about how the 4th of July looked from this little corner of the world, out here on the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii, out in the middle of the Pacific. I actually started my day off very […]

Mason Ho takes the cover of The Surfers Path No 73

I travelled with Mason Ho, Flynn Novak And Ezra Sitt all from Hawaii in Tasmania this year. Our visit coincided with some damn tasty waves, especially at Bluff Reef. Mason surfed the place like no one else, consistently placing himself behind the peak on Take-off. This led to a few pretty intense take-offs, one of […]

Ben Aipa’s surfboards are cool

I was just randomly looking through some files for a picture to post, and came across these cool shots of Legend Hawaiian surfer and surfboard shaper; Ben Aipa. Ben’s a long time friend of my wife and I and a really nice guy. It is said that it was actually one of Ben’s shapes that […]

Eight random beauties that never got printed

Just thought I’d dive into the archives and scoop out a mix plate of visual treats for you. These are all classic shots that never made it to print. Enjoy Sean

latest in print Fluir Brazil

I just received the Jan 09 issue of Fluir from Brazil and was pleasantly surprised to see these images in there. Sean

Classic surfing moment: Joel Tudor at the Pipeline

This image of Joel Tudor is from probably around 1997. It made the cover of one magazine in Australia and has endured all these years to still be one of the better “speed blurs” that I’ve shot. Enjoy Sean

The sandbars are back!

Usually round this time of the year, the sand starts to pile back in on the beaches between Rocky point and Pipeline. The result is similar to Queensland’s pointbreaks on the gold coast. Just long tubular rights, breaking down perfectly groomed sandbars. Pancho called me up to say that it might be good for some […]

Yesterday at The Pipe Trials

Finally after a month and half, Pipeline has awoken and just in time for the HIC Pipeline Trials. A one day event in which local surfers compete for 1 of 8 spots in the Pipeline masters later in the year. So unlike most events, there was be no need for Semi finals. They simply wrapped […]

HIC Pipe Trials are GO today

It seems like forever since the pro tour left here and the conditions went bad. It’s been a month and a half since. Now, I’m writing this the night before, but by the time you read this, the HIC Pipe trials should be happening. It’s bound to be dramatic because after a month and a […]

Classic surf moment: Tom Curren

It was the 94-95 Hawaiian season and I had just swum out for a leisurely shoot at Off The Wall, early one afternoon, when I spotted non other than Tom Curren taking off, so I put in the extra effort and was actually bodysurfing the wave as I shot it. This allows me to squeeze […]

Musica Surfica Photo Feature

From the same gathering which produced the highly acclaimed film: “Musica Surfica” (written and directed by MicK Sowry), these are a selection of my images. Enjoy. Sean

Musica Surfica with Derek Hynd and Richard Tognetti

I was given the unique invitation to photograph a gathering on the remote farming community of King Island in Australia. This was no ordinary gathering. It involved key members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) along with key proponents of alternative surfcraft, in particular, finless boards. There were wooden Alaya boards, made like the ancient […]

Classic surf contest moment; Bells Beach 1996

I was at the 1996 Rip Curl pro at Bells Beach in Australia. They had elected to move the event next door to winkipop on this day because it was 6-8 feet and going off. I witnessed Occy, Slater and Curren, all in excellent form on this day, but it was the guy from “Jersey” […]

not-so-secret secret-spot in NYC

You ever wondered about the possibility of a big enough swell, that would produce good waves in and around Manhattan Island, NYC might actually look like? let me entertain you here. This is the first in a series of mysto surf line-ups in famous cities, that I’ll be bringing you from time to time. Enjoy

Rabbit retires from ASP

I was a teenager when the first wave of pro surfers emerged in the 70’s. As a young impressionable Aussie grommet, these guys totally were my heros, back then. I’ve pretty much seen the birth and growth of surfing as a profession during Rabbit’s time on the world stage. Three cheers to Rab’ and everyone […]