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Equinox moment – Walk On Water

I’ve been photographing for magazines all over the world now for more than 25 years and there’s one in particular that has not only got my attention, but also captured my imagination. Not concerned with the usual fare of professional surfing and the industry fed fodder, White Horses magazine relies on a veritable army of […]

Blue Thunder – Terry Fitzgerald’s – The Drifta

I photographed Kye Fitzgerald a couple of times here on the north shore with his amazing single fin surfing. He is quite possibly the best single fin surfer that I’ve met. This surfboard is one of Kye’s boards, the iconic Drifta and like most of Terry Fitzgerald‘s surfboards, it is built for speed. The reason, […]

Hawaiian sunset – single fin surfer

Hawaiian sunset of the day - Single Fin Surfer

Today’s Hawaiian sunset of the day/a> features my friend James Arthur Smith Romero as he gets ready to go for a

Kelly’s surfboards are now riding him.

Kelly gives his board a rest

Folks, the greatest surfer of all time: Kelly Slater, right now is just days away from claiming his 10th world surfing title. The next contest on the world surf tour is in Puerto Rico and the odds are pretty stacked in Kelly’s favor to walk away from the event with his 10th title. With the […]

Kickin’ it in Tonga, without a care in the world

A guest fale at Ha'atafu Beach Resort, Tonga

This is a picture from one of a few a trips that I’ve made to the kingdom of Tonga over the years. I got to know Steve Burling many years ago who owns a low key, family orientated surf resort on the main island in the kingdom of Tonga . it’s an amazingly relaxing place […]

On my mind

Surf Heaven

Well folks, usually I’m on my way to Australia right about this time of the year and usually, I end up at this very special little island in Bass Strait. I’ve been going there for many years, Seems that if I make it there this year, it’ll be a little later than usual, due to […]

River surfing at waimea Bay

Beautiful standing waves at Waimea rivermouth

I was on my way over to Haleiwa with Jamie Obrien today when we noticed the river flowing at Waimea, so we stopped in for a look. It was rad. there were like 4-5 foot standing waves at times and surfers were just frothing on every peak that was unfortunate to have reared it’s head […]

photo-art of the day; “Single Fin Surfer”

This is a photo of my friend James Arthur Smith just after a late afternoon surf at Rockies Rockies. This photo’s cool. Aloha Sean

Davey images for Hot Buttered add campaign

Terry Fitzgerald is a surfing legend, known as “the Sultan of Speed” during the 70’s and early 80’s, Terry has created surfboards that are individually works of art, as well as being awesome surfboards. If you wanna check out some of these amazing surfboards, go to:

Shark attack victim is a champ

Some of you may have heard about the 13 year old Tasmanian girl who was attacked by a 5-6 meter great white shark on the east coast of Tasmania back in January this year. I happened to meet her quite by chance just a couple of days ago and she showed me the remains of […]

Pipe to Rockpile

…..”By late afternoon however, the wind dropped out and it got real glassy.”…..

Garrett, Pipeline and the 13 footer

…”it had so much rocker in it, it looked a little like it belonged to Dr Seusse”……..