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Seans classic old 80’s pic’s from Tasmania, on the collective website

Tasmanian website: the collective has been running hot with incredible content lately including some amazing ariel images of the Sth east regions and some truly huge surfat Shipsterns bluff just a few days ago. I was talking to the site’s owner Stuart Gibson today and we agreed that it’d be cool to throw some older […]

The Widow Maker

Surfing the deep southern wilderness of South West National Park, in Tasmania, Australia.

Folks, deep in the southern Tasmanian wilderness, quite some considerable distance away from the end of the road lies this gem of a place, known by the locals asThe Widow Maker. The reason they call it the Widow Maker is that this point is lined with dead trees that were burnt out by a massive […]

Davey currently featuring at Aurora Photos

Sean Davey Feature at Aurora Photos

One of my picture agents are the outdoor adventure specialists; Aurora Photos, based on the east coast of the U.S. I’m one of their water specialist photographers and they are currently featuring a slide show of my surf and water imagery on the features section of their website . You can click here for the […]

New UNDER WATER pictorial of the NORTH SHORE

"Through the looking glass" with Sean Davey

The surf forecasting website; Surfline, just featured another new pictorial of my images as part of their ongoing “6 weeks on the north shore” features. In this pictorial, I’ve focused entirely on what’s going on under water around the north shore. Here, you’ll find out what Pipeline’s reef looks like from up close and personal, […]

Hawaiian Sunset of the day – Rockpile VOG

surfers during sunset north shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Todays Hawaiian sunset features a bunch of surfers waiting for the last few waves of the day at Rockpile, on the north shore. When the trade winds fade away, we get a build up of Volcanic Ash, referred to locally at VOG, but it produces some awesome sunsets, much like what you often find in […]

Kalani Chapman’s awesome B-day party at Rocky Point.

Freedom's progress playing LIVE at Rocky point.

I’ve shot a couple of pretty cool surf sessions with Flynn Novak over the past couple of days and he called me up this afternoon and invited me down to Rocky Point for Kalani Chapman birthday party. Sure enough, I’ve rocked up and there’s the full live band: “Freedom’s Progress” belting out their cool brand […]

Finals day at the Volcom Pipe pro

Jamie OBrien stoked on his cool new trophy.

They wrapped up the Volcom pipeline Pro surfing contest yesterday at perfectly glassy 4-6 foot Pipeline. It was the earliest that anyone can ever remember seeing a contest at Pipeline finish. There were just the 2 semi finals and final. The final itself was kind of hard to pick for most of the way because […]