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Australia – check it out!

it’s always a bit of an adventure, jumping fences, being chased by bulls or angry farmers

Australian Coastal Panoramas

I just returned from a month long photo-expedition to the southern and eastern areas of Australia. First up, I flew into Hobart, Tasmania and photographed the Tasman Bridge in Hobart, along with the ever amazing Coles Bay, on the east coast. Following Tasmania, I captured the beautiful natural forests of the Yarra Ranges, to the […]

Surf City Canvas wrap line-ups.

Folks, I’ve dabbled a little bit here and there with photoshop over the years, but what I like to do is create amazing scenes that you wouldn’t otherwise ever see. Scenes that are quite obviously not real, to most folks, but always ultimately compelling to look at for most everyone. It started a few years […]

Super moon pictures

The view from Volcom House at at Pipeline, as the full moon sets.

last night’s full moon, was supposed to be 15% bigger and 30% brighter

It’s Australia Day! :D

Folks, it is Australia Day in Australia today. It’s a day for celebrating everything Australian. The great sunburnt country down below. If you haven’t already done so, check it out. It’s a cool place with all kinds of amazing places to see, not least, the beautiful beach’s that surround it. Cheers! Monty Python’s Australia

Sydney’s world famous Bondi beach

I’ve seen a bit of a revival in interest in Bondi Beach, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney recently. It seems to be popping up everywhere on my radar at the moment, so I thought I’d publish a few shots from back in the day when I lived there myself. One thing that is apparent […]

Green Shimmer is born

Hi everyone. It’s pretty much straight into summer here in Hawaii now. temps are nipping at 90 most days. water’s clean and green (or blue). When it gets all summery here, I like to start the day off real early and go see what i can photograph in the early light. Sometimes, it’s the landscapes, […]

Classic Surf moment: Martin Potter – Sydney

This is a flashback to a classic day at Sydney’s Whale Beach in 1996. Martin Potter scoring his favourite Sydney beach at it’s best.