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Vintage surf photos by Davey at The Collective

” Things were different back then. Farmers still guarded their land with shotguns against surfers.”

Seans classic old 80’s pic’s from Tasmania, on the collective website

Tasmanian website: the collective has been running hot with incredible content lately including some amazing ariel images of the Sth east regions and some truly huge surfat Shipsterns bluff just a few days ago. I was talking to the site’s owner Stuart Gibson today and we agreed that it’d be cool to throw some older […]

A new Aussie creative site: The Collective

Hi all my good friend from Tasmania and outright legendary photog’ himself; Stuart Gibson has started a new website just to showcase what’s going on with some of the photographers and other art minded individuals that we know. “The Collective” is about just showing good entertaining imagery and stuff. Certainly a lot of us have […]