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Another Davey shot bag’s the cover.

I spotted this on line somewhere this morning and it reminded me that I hadn’t yet received my copy of this book. I guess it’s in the post. ha ha This is one of my very favorite surf images. I took it from a helicopter back in 2001 over the outer reefs of Oahu’s north […]

Ariel view of Flynn Novak at Pipeline

Flynn Novak perfectly pitted at Pipeline.

Folks, I just started a new gallery of Ariel images of Oahu. In other words, pictures of Oahu, taken from high above, usually in a helicopter, with my good mate Josh Lang. Todays image comes from a session at Pipeline with Flynn Novak positioned perfectly in the barrel. Enjoy! Sean Footnote: Folks, Flynn needs a […]

Classic surf moment; Todos 98

A moment from the Reef contest at Todos Santos Island (Mexico) in Feb 1998. This is the same contest that Taylor Knox earned $50K for his paddle in wave. I’ll bring you up to speed on this moment here; They had already run one day of competition so far without the Aussie and Hawaiian teams […]