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Pipe Clouds – triptych canvas

Pipe Clouds – shown here as a 38 x 60 inch triptych canvas. Comes with deluxe 2 inch mirror wrap edging, and hand printed and signed by Sean . For more options and pricing, send an email to sean at .

Bubble wrap – triptych canvas

Bubble wrap – presented here as a signed 38 x 60 inch triptych canvas, with deluxe 2 inch mirror wrap edging. Hand printed and signed by Sean Davey.

Hokusai wave

Hokusai wave – was named in honor of the famous Japanese drawings by the same name, which this wave put’s me in mind of. Hand printed and signed prints and canvas are available by sending an email to:

Blue womb – 40 x 60 inch triptych canvas

I photographed this remarkable under water surf image in the beautiful kingdom of Tonga several years ago. Photographed at Ha’atafu beach, I captured an under water picture of a surfer passing by, inside the tube. This has become one of my most requested surf images over the years by magazines and art buyers. It just […]

Palm Lagoon – captivating triptych canvas

This actually has been a good selling art-piece. Named Palm Lagoon, I am presenting this photograph here as an 18 x 60 inch triptych canvas with deluxe 1.5 inch gallery wrap edges. I’m only using the very best quality canvas and supplies from Epson America and every single canvas get’s treated for UV, then signed […]

Take home an amazing triptych Canvas from Davey today

Fins n' palms

…..I find that it’s always cool to do something a little differently to everyone else…..

Triptych Canvas’s – The PERFECT Christmas gift

Folks, I’m finding that people are really loving the Triptych Canvas’s, so I have gone ahead and expanded the range to include a bunch of new Triptychs. I don’t know why exactly, but there’s something very appealing about splitting a picture into 3 Canvas segments. They really reach out to the viewer in some way. […]