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Leaning Palm and Palm Bike shown as 18 x58 canvas’s

This is titled

Palm Escape – triptych canvas

Another stellar image from my Maldivian photo expedition, earlier this year. I photographed this beautiful panorama at Zitahli resort. Home to some of the most incredibly clear waters, you’ll ever swim in. Just stunning. The featured art here is an 18 x 60 inch triptych canvas with deluxe 2 inch mirror wrap edging, hand printed […]

Thatched Hut – large tropical canvas

Thatched hut was photographed in the fabulous Maldive islands earlier this year at Island Hideaway. Everyone with the means to do so, should check out this amazing part of the world before it disappears. It is estimated that in 50 years time, many of the islands will already have disappeared back into the ocean, due […]

Hawaiian rainbows are very cool.

Sharks Cove with rainbow.

One very cool thing about Hawaii is the localized rain activity that we get here. It can be totally sunny where you are and yet, just a mile down the road , it could be an absolute deluge of torrential rain. It’s all about the prevailing winds mostly and where they direct the clouds to. […]