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Calm conditions deliver great surf-art opportunities.

Most folks who know my photography, often know how much I’ve always pursued and photographed waves. Sometimes, it’s not even the waves at all that I shoot, but maybe the foam that was left behind or a random bit of water leaping over the edge of the beach. Perhaps a shell buried in the sand. […]

A moment of beauty amongst the LA peak hour traffic.

I’ve been all over the southern Californian coast this past week and last night, I ended up in downtown Los Angeles, seeking out some twilight gold. There’s a lot of freeways in LA, so it took a while to find just the right location, but I finally nailed it yesterday afternoon on a bit of […]

Redondo Pier in LA has a cool surf beach

On the last morning of my recent Californian road trip, we checked out Redondo pier in Los Angeles county in the early morning twilight , before I headed off back to Hawaiion the 9.40 am flight. I’d photographed piers all the way up and down the so cal and central Cal coasts, but never saw […]

Capitola, a truly beautiful Californian town

Folks I’ve been on the road in California for the past week. We’ve just been driving up the coast from Huntington beach in So Cal and after several days, have made our way as far as Santa Cruz. We started off this morning’s photographing at a beautiful little town called Capitola. Nothing appeared to be […]

Swell is on the way up

Pancho Sullivan taking it to the air this morning.

Lane was out the door while it was till dark this morning because the bouy readings had been up all night. I followed soon after, chasing some sunrise gold. I rocked up to Ehukai beach park, to scope out Pipeline and it was a virtual lake with just the one surfer sitting out there ever […]

Lone wave at Ehukai for today’s sunset image.

Twilight Peak

Folks, we’ve had a bit of rain move in and although it stayed quite sunny on this part of the island for most of the day, It started to rain just before sunset, so I didn’t manage to get a shot today. Not to worry though, I only have a million other Hawaii’an sunsets already […]

Featured art print of the day – “Evening Glass”

"Evening Glass" - shown here as a Triptych Canvas

Folks, today, I present to you one of my personal favourite wave images – Evening Glass I photographed this one several years ago in Tahiti at the end of a very long day out in the boat. As we motored back into the Marina, these perfect waves were rolling along behind us, and so I […]

Sharks Cove evening glow

Sharks Cove - Evening Glow

Folks, just sharing this image with you from a couple of nights ago, here on the north shore. This is Shark’s Cove on the north shore of Oahu, under a very, very late twilight sky. You can even see the moon and one of the first stars to show in the evening sky. This print […]

Beautiful Catalina Island

"Avalon Sunset" photographed over beautiful Avalon, on Catalina Island.

We made a dash over to beautiful Catalina Island yesterday, to see if we could nab a couple of cool shots of Avalon . Wow, what a stunning place. A little bit like stepping into the French Riviera. The pace of life over there is quite relaxed and cars are replaced with golf carts, which […]

early morn’ over San Clemente

San Clemente Pier, Orange County, California

Another in my California series, this is San Clemente pier , just this morning. The weather wasn’t so crash hot, in fact it was drizzling at times, but I still managed to nail down the shot. Next on my list is the beautiful Catalina Island . Stay tuned for updates and in the meantime, you […]

Classic surf moment of Bruce Irons

I have a lot of classic surf shots from over the years, but one guy who I have so many really classic moments of is Bruce Irons. I took a look through my archive, and man, he just cleaned up when I separated all the truly great images from the bulk. I’ll probably be featuring […]

Classic surf moment: Pastel Flash

I shot this one of Jamie Obrien a few years ago, using an assistant, swimming with a remote flash. The concept is simple. My camera has a transmitter on it and the flash has a receiver attached so that when I fire my camera, the flash will trigger at the same time. Most photog’s who […]