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Majestic Curl as a 2-3 ratio canvas

This is titled Majestic Curl as a 2-3 ratio canvas and I photographed this amazing image on in French Polynesia at a place called Teahupoo. This place is at the end of the road so you can’t miss it. This particular image is shown as a 30 x 45 inch canvas. I offer this picture […]

Use the light as your paint source

I’ve spent more than 20 years chasing perfect full sunlight, to shoot for surfing magazines, all over the globe. I’ve personally always had a real taste for the visually different, but for a long time there, all the magazines wanted to see was tight action in perfect bright sunlight, showing off all the sponsor logos […]

Davey’s Oceans Wave Sculptures – DVD

Friends, I have just released a new DVD featuring hundreds of my best images of Ocean waves or as I like to call them ocean wave sculptures Way back in 1977, I squeezed off my first photograph which in itself was an ocean wave. Since then, I’ve photographed perhaps hundreds’s of thousands of images, but […]

1 on 1 Photo workshops and Consultation

I’m opening my knowledge to those who wish to better their skills or just learn some cool new photographic techniques. I’m a veteran of the surf world which just also happens to be one of the most innovative areas in the photography scene. During my time as a magazine photographer, I have secured more than […]

north shore, readying for the influx

Luke Stedman weaving amongst the photog's at Kodak Reef

Folks, I was asked by an over seas magazine editor just yesterday for an image of many photographers, jostling for the same image and boy, did I have one. I zeroed straight in on an absolute gem of TJ Barron about to get barreled at Kodak Reef. This picture is actually Luke Stedman from the […]

Leopard Peak

OK folks, time for another random wave, this one coming at you from Gas Chambers, next to Rocky Point , on the north shore of Oahu . I titled this one: “Leopard Peak” because of the leopard skin like pattern in the wave’s foreground. And like most off season days here on the north shore, […]

seandavey on jayalders website

My very good friend, artist; Jay Alders just posted a pictorial on my work, so I thought I’d return the favor and post a story about him doing a story about me. ha ha enjoy. Aloha Sean