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Barrel Swirl & Aqua womb – 30 x 58 inch canvas wraps

Folks, This art piece is titled Barrel Swirl & Aqua Womb It’s typically available as a custom print or canvas to pretty much any size that you desire, up to a maximum of 38 x 90 inches on single pieces or much larger again as a triptych canvas (in 3 pieces) I print and sign […]

Oceans – The photography of Sean Davey

This is a rare opportunity to get your hands on a copy of the first of my 3 books; OCEANS. Some box’s of the book turned up recently and so once again, the book is once again available at the original price of just $24.95, but only while these limited stocks remain, plus $7 for […]

Barrel Swirl, a result of incredible conditions

I love to swim and take photographs in the surf, particularly when the water is crystal clear like in this image. These are what I call dream days. Conditions so perfect, that I simply can’t go wrong, taking photographs of it. This was one such day at Pupukea sandbar on Oahu’s north shore. The end […]

Smart phone cases, now with Davey photographs

Building on the number of items that one can purchase with Sean Davey imagery on them, A new company called Inspire My Case has released a collection of ocean inspired phone cases, featuring Sean Davey images of waves, surfing, seashells, dolphins, sea turtles and other sealife They do look pretty cool. Check ’em out here: […]

Some cool new Hawaiian leis

I just had a request from a client for some nice eye catching pictures of Hawaiian leis at the beach or seaside kind of thing. I only had just a couple of images of leis up till this time which is amazing when you consider that I’ve lived here for 15 years already on the […]

The awesome power of nature.

I’ve always been drawn to photograph waves, all the way from my very first ever picture, which I shot on a plastic Kodak Instamatic camera, back in late 1977, but it took me a lot longer to realise that the fascination with nature’s “spin cycle” so to speak, was on a much larger scale. My […]

Clear water heaven on the north shore.

It’s been a much longer than normal winter for pretty much everyone in the U.S.Even here in Hawaii too, it’s been much cooler than normal, but finally we have seen warm spring conditions arrive here. The past week had us beautiful sunny skies along with light winds to no wind which is really when I […]

“Blue Crash”

Take home an amazing triptych Canvas from Davey today

Fins n' palms

…..I find that it’s always cool to do something a little differently to everyone else…..

Giving back to what gives me life

Canvas print: Towards the light

Folks, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the ocean, the seaside, the beach. It’s always been my fun zone for as long as I can remember anything. I often get asked for donations to worthy causes and although I simply can’t afford to donate to every request, I do try to look after those […]

There’s nothing like a roll around the shore-break, to start the day out

…my favourite thing has always been to capture the sun coming up while in the surf, itself.

Wave of the day – Vals Reef

Deep inside at Vals Reef, Sunset beach.

Folks, they are currently so wave starved at the Oneill World Cup at Sunset Beach that they plan to run heats consecutively on 2 breaks at the same time, in order to run the remaining heats of the event in the expected 2 days of small swell, predicted for the remainder of the holding period. […]

Show us your Davey print: Marc Hand from Hobart, Tasmania

Marc Hand from Hobart Tasmania chose this cool Tasmanian print

Folks, Marc Hand from Hobart in Tasmania recently purchased a fine art print from me. The picture was a capture of a perfect 6 foot swell on the fabled Hobart point breaks, back in 2006. At the time, it was claimed to be the best point swell in 15 years. I just happened to be […]

Leopard Peak

OK folks, time for another random wave, this one coming at you from Gas Chambers, next to Rocky Point , on the north shore of Oahu . I titled this one: “Leopard Peak” because of the leopard skin like pattern in the wave’s foreground. And like most off season days here on the north shore, […]

Clean and green on King Island.

clean and green tubing magnet

A simple wave of the day, here from King Island in Australia. This particular beach is as close to surf heaven that I have seen.

What’s doing, up north?

lined up emerald magnets

The south swell pushed up a bit yesterday, so Wire and I lobbed into the falcon, (what we like to call “The Mobile Couch”) and headed up north, to take a look for ourselves…

No parking meters at the beach, here

No parking meters here!

Anyone who lives in anything resembling a large town or city, will most likely be familiar with the routine of having to stuff coins in the parking meter when they go for a surf. Not so here on King Island. I’d say parking meters are at least hundred years away from being implemented here. The […]

Torquoise water fun with the Go pro HD

Amazingly both of my pro cameras are on the blink and hence, are on their way to the Canon repair shop at the mo’, so I’ve been enjoying, filming the sandbars with the new Go Pro HD cam. I shot some hand held footage of random surfers and waves, but then, I was able to […]

River surfing at waimea Bay

Beautiful standing waves at Waimea rivermouth

I was on my way over to Haleiwa with Jamie Obrien today when we noticed the river flowing at Waimea, so we stopped in for a look. It was rad. there were like 4-5 foot standing waves at times and surfers were just frothing on every peak that was unfortunate to have reared it’s head […]

Davey’s wavey gravey train

I’ve been working really hard lately to get my site more up to date. More to the point, I’ve been adding more galleries. The latest to come on line, are my waves. I went through a collection of near 1,000 images from a 20 year time span, and culled it down to just under 300 […]

My slide show, simply titled Beach

I built some slide shows some time ago and thought it was about time that I shared some here on this site. This show is simply entitled “Beach” and as you might expect, the subject matter is beach related. Music is provided by Aussie maestro; Red Whyte. You can check him out by pressing here: […]

New fine art print: Aqua Foam Wall

It’s that time of the year when my attention turns to shooting images purely for myself. It’s really, really quiet here on the north shore. Everyone’s outta here on surf trips or hanging out in Bali or whatever it is that they do at this time of the year. This is when I can shoot […]

The big drive north

Alrighty then. Time has come to “pull up stakes” (Aussie lingo for packing up camp) and make the big drive up to the far north west of the state, to a small farming community known as Marrawah. For the next 8 or 9 days, this place will have a couple of hundred foreign surfers in […]

SE Tasmania and Eagle Hawk Neck

Hi folks, we find ourselves down on the Tasman Peninsular, in Tasmania’s south east. A favourite haunt of Hobart surfers when there are good sand banks, combined with a decently easterly direction swell, this place can be fun as! Known by many as eagle Hawk Neck, this was the first place that I surfed in […]