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Kelly Slater add’s another 1 to his 10, to make it 11 world titles.

I used to wish I could have stood on the beach and seen the legendary surf sessions that happened at Off The Wall, back in the late 70’s with legends like Gerry Lopez, Mark Richards, Shaun Thompson, Buttons and more. Of course, had I actually been there, I’d be another 10 years older most likely, […]

A look behind the Pipemasters of 2009

Just thought I’d take a look back over the week that was chaos, ridiculous traffic, countless barrels, a world championship, a couple of total Pipe legends, another back on the rise. Life on the north shore mid December. Doesn’t get much better. Here’s a glimpse into not necessarily the Pipe masters. The focus is more […]

The 10 best world champion surfers of all time

I was talking with a friend about the ten best surfers on the planet and I was thinking how impossible, it felt to pick just 10 as it’s not really set in stone. There’s so many factors that governs one choices. At least with actual world champions, it is set in stone, so it was […]

Flashback to 1994 and a young Kelly

It was my 2nd season on the north shore, the 94-95 season, and Kelly was dominating the Pipemasters for the second of what has now become 6 victories there. Pretty much round this time, he was untouchable out at Pipe, just doing stuff that crew hadn’t even seen there before. I think this was right […]

Classic surf moment: Tom Curren

It was the 94-95 Hawaiian season and I had just swum out for a leisurely shoot at Off The Wall, early one afternoon, when I spotted non other than Tom Curren taking off, so I put in the extra effort and was actually bodysurfing the wave as I shot it. This allows me to squeeze […]