Take home an amazing triptych Canvas from Davey today

Folks, I’m always inspired to be a little different with my visuals, weather it’s in the technique that I use when I’m shooting the pictures or even just when I’m printing them up, I find that it’s always cool to do something a little differently to everyone else, so when I hit upon the idea of presenting my work as 3 piece triptych canvas’s, people just loved them! I want to see who’s taking notice, so if you make contact with me after reading this and you want to order some canvas or prints from me, simply mention “Save 10” Anyone who mentions it will get an instant 10% discount, but this offer is only available in direct orders straight to me. For more info, hit me up at fineart@seandavey.com and I’ll fill you in on the scoops. In the meantime, you can check out a selection of my triptychs right here as well as there’s a lot more here also:

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