The best heat, I ever saw surfed.

Stepping back into the time tunnel to easter of 1996. The surf at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach , was pretty good, but even better at nearby Winkipop. So good in fact, that they moved the event over there and the surfing was spectacular in 6-8 foot surf. Kelly Slater was already well and truly into his first world domination phase and thus was on fire, as was Occy and Tom Curren. All three surfers put on vintage performances this day, however there was a dark horse by the name of Dean Randazzo who out-surfed everyone that day. I seriously left the beach thinking to myself that it was the best heat I’d ever seen anyone surf. I bumped into Sarge, the surf photographer in the parking lot afterwards and told him abut the heat. To my amazement he also stated that he’d seen Dean surf what he thought was the best heat, he’d seen anyone surf about a year prior in California. Anyone who is familiar with the time frame will know that Sarge was a staunch Aussie supporter, so the statement carries that much more weight because of it.

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