Timeless Pipeline Line up – Pipe Arena

The Banzai Pipeline, located on the north shore of Oahu, has a world famous reputation for producing big perfect waves as well as incredible photographs not only of the surfing but also of the wave itself, even the ever changing weather conditions along this shoreline, often dictate when the best photographs occur. In the 15 plus years, I have photographed this wave numerous times and in so many different ways. This particular day was special. There hadn’t been much swell for a couple of weeks, so the beach was really built up to the point where there was a huge strip of beach out past the lagoon. The strip of beach attracted fascinated onlookers by the dozens and with many of them being unwary visitors, there were quite a few ruined cameras ending in that lagoon. every time a big set came in, at least a couple of people would get rolled right into that lagoon behind the beach. I’ve photographed Pipeline many many times, but this was one of the more photogenic situations that I’ve captured of it over the years.

Pipe Arena  20 x 40 inch canvas gallery wrap with deluxe 1.5 inch edge.

Pipe Arena 20 x 40 inch canvas gallery wrap with deluxe 1.5 inch edge.

This picture is shown here as an 18 x 40 inch canvas gallery wrap with a deluxe 1.5 inch mirror edge wrap. I sign and ship each item rolled straight to your door. I’m having a 50% OFF sale right now so you can now pick this up for just $240 instead of the usual $480 (plus $20 shipping in the US and $30 for overseas.) Send a email to artroom@seandavey.com to get in touch with me and I’ll customize a canvas or print exactly to your requirements.



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