Today’s catch – of waves

I got the water housing wet this morning at Pupukea. I was really kind of syching just to get in the water somewhere because it was so sunny and clean with such a blue sky. My intention was to swim out to the back of Ehukai and shoot some images under water as the surfer passes by, but the water wasn’t quite as clear as it looked from above water, so I opted instead to photograph some shore-break waves. There were a few “unique” ones coming through, but it does require a reasonable degree of patience to capture those special ones. Personally, I just love waves. The first picture I ever took was of a wave and that was more than 33 years ago (um, yeah, I started young) I’ve always held the belief that they don’t necessarily have to look like a good surfing wave. They just have to have “that look” Now, “that look” is open to everyone’s individual perception, I guess, but for me, “that look” often just means producing really different or individual results. I LOVE my water housing. If you want to get your hands on one like mine click here
and tell Mike that I sent you. :)

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