Triptych canvas are all the rage

Folks, I’ve been printing my images as canvas and prints for quite some time now and there have been two big trends in buying.

1: People LOVE canvas!

2: People LOVE TRIPTYCH CANVAS’s EVEN MORE! There’s something about the triptychs that speak to people. I think it might be because they subliminally look like a set of windows, looking out onto some usually cool scene. I can dig that. Take a look at some of these and decide for yourself. Keep in mind that I have new cheaper pricing now on my canvas and I’m using Epson’s Exhibition Canvas Gloss. I tell you this canvas has changed a few minds for me. I know galleries that were dead against having canvas in their gallery till they saw my art samples and then happily embraced them. There really has never been a better time to get your house kitted out with some Davey gold! :D

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