I used to be a pentax shooter

The legendary Pentax MX

Way back in the day, I started out with a Kodak Instamatic camera which I shot this, my first photoon. From there I bought my 1st SLR camera which was the bottom of the range Russian Praktica L which actually fell apart and I had to throw it away when the hand crank fell off it, seriously. This was when I acquired my first pentax which at the time was a late 60’s spotmatic, very quickly followed by the modern workhouse pentax K1000. All the while upgrading on to the Pentax MX and then ultimately the Pentax LX, the top of the range. That camera was so awesome. Alas I was burgled round this time and lost all my gear except for the giant Century 1000mm lens that I had at the time. Some time later my ol’ mate Tony Nolan sold me his Canon T90 and that was the beginning of a long association with Canon’s. I really loved those old Pentax’s though and they had the most beautiful lens on them too.

Here is a short interview that I did with Tyler Carter at the Pentax forums here: Sean Davey Exlusive Interview

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  1. James Donohue says:

    Hello Mr. Sean Davey,

    My name is James Donohue (25), from Florida NY, I am currently a NEW MEDIA STUDENT about to graduate. I am doing a report on your photo entitled, FOAM STAMPEDE. I just was wondering if you could give me some background info on the equipment you used like camera & lenses also where you were when the photo was shot, camera settings as well would be great information if you could include that info!!!

    Your work is incredible and a huge inspiration for what true quality photography is!!!

    Sincerely, James Donohue

  2. admin says:

    Hi James
    sorry for the delay in responding. I don’t check the mail on this site near enough. I used a Canon 5D MK II camera along with a Tokina 11-17mm fisheye, inside an Essex Water housing. This type of photography takes A LOT of patience. I’m basically focusing just a couple of feet in front of the camera which I have sitting on the sand, just a couple of feet back from the edge of the beach. Even then, it has to be just the right kind of day where the waves are hitting the beach in this way. These days are very much far and few.

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