Wave of the day – Aqua Twist

Today’s Wave Of The Day comes to you from one of my favorite places to photograph waves.
On certain days of the year, the water at Pupukea Sandbar takes on an amazing aquatic glow. I love to swim and photograph on those days. The colors and contrasts in the resulting images are always stunning. And as you can see, it’s not too crowded either. :)


from Pupukea on the north shore of Oahu  -  Aqua Twist

Aqua Twist - from Pupukea on the north shore of Oahu

2 Responses to “Wave of the day – Aqua Twist”

  1. Teresa says:

    Wave of the day.. How awesome is that!?

    Thank you for sharing your art. =o)

  2. Jake Moore says:

    Beautiful Sean! Cant wait to see this for real!

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